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2 min readNov 17, 2021


With a grateful heart

I remember growing up in a different country, having international holidays celebrations was a bit conflicting to keep up with. Other than the mandatory holidays for each country, some did manage to share the same day and purpose.

Of course mandatory holidays were great- a day off school or work, with your loved ones, or just yourself.

What it really matter was a day to enjoy or meditate, or just a day everyone pretends to be the wild flower in the room.

For families, a great excuse to catch up (in details) about other family members and prove yourself how young, old, old, or how many new members you were able to add to the family.

Well, that’s a different story.

For us, thanksgiving was stated in Christmas — Yahoo! Double celebration:

“Party + great food + family + gifts!

(all of the first part of the equation) x 2

= don’t you think is toooooo much?!“

But it was good!

For families abroad; a great time to catch up, a time to remember, a time to share.

A time love each other in the family.

For the lonely souls — we slays made sure from the ones in the ‘lonely circle’ to be invited to join us as part of our family.



🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻

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