When a man loves a woman

Can’t keep his mind out of her

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4 min readDec 31, 2021

Ada’s and Cree story

It’s just a bit over 5pm. Christmas was a bit late and hesitant to show its glory, snow on the ground and slippery roads.

But it’s amazing for the kids and the young at heart.

After a long concert season, Cree decided to take some time off. He was getting tired. Physically and mentally exhausted, looking forward the end of the tour was far from happening. Restrictions made it hard as well.

The current pandemic just gave birth to another kid.

Another variant.

We will ever catch up?

We will ever and finally kill this pandemic snd get everyone vaccinated?

Pandemic restrictions were really restricting playing at concerts. New year’s cancellations were really worrying Cree’s band. Many concert goers and fans were forced to delay their plans and re-scheduled concerts due to the new strain just spreading close to the areas Cree’s band was to perform.

Cree and the band decided to take some time off next year.

Crew members were also concern about the spread of this new variant.

Ada, back at her investigating job looking for a new project to develop, found another far, exotic; almost forgotten place and tribe somewhere in the world. Perhaps helping these far fetched places and small population cities have a better solution to fight this current pandemic.

Cree still kept thinking about Ada.

Reminder of one of his email to her, resonated like an echo at the distance. Her last message , Cree read:

‘Words are the messages of love, but the most profound love you will ever experience is love without words’

Cree noticed this handwritten note by her on her diary. He wanted to read more, but was never able to read the rest.

This pretty much increased his curiosity to learn more. More about her thoughts and feelings. Her inner self. Her diabolic thoughts about love, her most secret deep desire.

Only Cree knew by that, an increasing desire to have her never the less started to grown in him to have her, feel every inch, corner and turn of her body. Perhaps she will forget behind her diary if I distract her. His curiosity only fed his anxiety to read her inner thoughts, her intimate sins, her ecstasy and her deepest desires. That diary became an obsession for Cree to read, with his very own eyes, the intricate life and thoughts of the woman that drives him crazy, keeps him hopeless awaken every night, and eager of more loving infinite faces Ada’s portraits when the two bodies become one.

Still, Cree felt the need to feed those desires, when her tongue desperately. looks for my love, leaving him breathless; the moment when she dives into his deepest desires.

He quickly noted another note.

It seemed to be a long story. Curiosity invaded his mind, as he continued reading:

Resonating memories of Ada’s body feeling her breasts against Cree’s chest, her nipples fully erected, so hard that hurt her when hugged passionately.

Then; the story continued, as Cree carefully turned the page:

In a moment of distraction, Cree’s hands hold my ass cheek up, keeping my crotch against his cock. That feeling made me moan of pleasure. All I wanted to be fucked up standing, like the usual. Cree loved the way I drove his cock back home.

The magic started to happen again. The spark of primal electricity started to increase our need for thrusting more, deeper and faster, and faster, and faster. Neither of us wanted to stop at that moment. We wanted to reach the pinnacle of our desires, my heart about to explode. Cree noticed that and started to fondly play with my clitoris.

I just wanted to hug him, strong with every push of his cock in.

Deeper and deeper inside me.

Come inside me. I whispered in Cree’s ear as I softly gave him a love bite on his neck. Grasping and heavy breathing. The tightness of his cock drove me to max climax, forcing Cree to hold me tighter to his body.

My. eyes locked into Cree’s eyes as we both climax together.

Last word Ada’s wrote:

I’m about to climax, cumm inside me, plz, I wanna feel your warm precios gold invade me, impregnate me, make my body vibrate of pleasure as you cumm inside me. Make me beg you for more!

A silence invaded the atmosphere.

Silent, quiet night.

Cree’s caressed my hair and head hold my face with his hands and passionately kissed me.

All it was left was just two exhausted bodies sweat shaking.

Two bodies wanting more.

Two bodies drunken in love.

Cree’s surprised by Ada’s beautiful handwriting totally absorbed him into the scene Ada’s handwritten so detailed, it made Cree’s cock tingle.

Pre cumm started to show up at the tip of his shaft, but he wanted to keep it for her. So he waited patiently for her to come back.

He put her dairy back in her desk.

And waited for Ada to come back with the coffees she offered to Cree.



🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻

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