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3 min readOct 28, 2021


This is the life we’ve been given

So open your heart to some loving

Seeing the sun setting down on the horizon makes me wonder – if we could’ve had our lives already written for us before we where born; would’ve been great. It would have been like cheating. You know who you will meet, who will you love, who will you marry.

The winning lottery numbers…..

I’m here as always; alone, writing about my victories and my defeats, my happiness and my sadness, my wins and my loss. Life has to be balanced somehow in order to be complacent and understood. We go through so many hardships that our heart becomes senseless. If we let all around us overtake us, we loose our minds.

The last pandemic has and still has put a big stroll in our minds. How the heck we fight it? Why we do still die from it?

Even the most strong willed people can’t overcome this. Frustration is being reflected on the present situation we are facing now.

We were taught about love.

If ask out to someone- what is love?

They will relate it to sex.

Hold it. We still need two to have and give love.

Love comes from the heart.

The moment you feel for someone, the moment you start to think about that person, it means there’s love involved. Otherwise you wouldn’t be longing to see or talk to this person again. Think about it.

The moment you do something good for that person, you literally are giving that person love.

Any type of effort you make to help other people you don’t know, it shows a type of love towards another human being.

Love crosses boundaries, languages, rules, religions.

The fact that some people look different and have different color skin, their love towards other people of color; you will never love them.

Even religions preaches to help and respect others. That translates into love.

I have written stories about love.

Perhaps I am an owner of a lonely heart.

My love short stories, other than portraying an ideal love relationship, a perfect love pure relationship than everyone sees in a movie, it relates how much a love can turn into a real story. A walk in the park, an adventurous encounter, a trip to Beringer Wineries and the countless nights a couple spent. together, was not enough for a reader to be told. Love stories having an interesting way of meeting, in a way that many relate to, of two human beings falling in love. Some spice is added to these stories.

The rest is left to your imagination.

These stories: where two entities no matter how far they are, and how busy the could be because of their jobs; always find a way to become one.

Many life’s circumstances will test their love, many people they will meet will test their true love in many creative ways, and in many creative ways their love will be shared.

Hoping the stories you will read and enjoy would somehow reflect if one your currently identify with, and at the same time, provide you with answer to your lingering thoughts about love.

People say that forbidden love, mistreated love, crazy love, many not listed love; does not exist, hoping with these stories to somehow, relive your interest back into loving again.

Many May say – yeah these stories are real.

My answer,

You decide.

My heart,

Your aide for most hearts that will never tear apart.



🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻

Hello everyone!👋I found writing helped me cope with anxiety and mental health. My stories relate how resilience helps you with overcome life’s obstacles♉️