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2 min readNov 30, 2021


The man I love

How will I know

Lost loves fades like snow

Two bodies joined

Two souls harmoniously joined

Two hearts never to have

No remorse to have

Drunken in love

In ecstasy to move

Into one to approve its motive apparent

Many moons many moans

Through the way to heaven

As shown by the raven

In the heat of the moment

All their sorrows, no torment

Their fears, their sharing

Every night, every moment

In their thoughts advising

Bad news ignoring

A solution to admiring

It’s future, it’s legacy

For admiring

His sorrow inquiring

My pain, in crusted

Like daggers never impostes

Against my will

To a point to make me ill

No way

No pay

No money on the way

Reality to ignore

Love, lush and more

Too many faces to ignore

That fire

That love ignites

To my core to shake

Love to make

And forget

Tomorrow and many nites

The man I love

The man I know

Will never know

How much I love

And rest my heart

Never to be apart

Will always be one heart

Will always be one love

To carry each other

In monents that others

Never mind to inquire

Only to require

Their flaws to put to fire

Their mistakes to admire

Again recurring thoughts to mute

Reviewed in complete absolute

Reminiscent of once

Never ever put a stance

No discussion to pronounce

A separation to announce

Shame on them

Shame on their relationship

Full fill a love that never existed

A love never instated

The man I love

The man I owe

Solutions to prove

There’s only one love

Only for the man I love

Dani Banani



🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻

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