🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻
2 min readDec 16, 2021

Awaken by senses

A tear at dawning

Without warning

My pain, my hopes

Don’t make any sense

Oh God!

Is this nonsense

About to overcome

While still at home

No time for outcomes

No time for more to come

It lifted off

Like a hurricane

No need for a blind cane

No helping hand that usually came

Forced to depend on

Forced to live on

A stranger

Like a banger

Stole the anger

Frustration and danger

The love that incites anger

My feelings don’t matter

My explanations the latter

Jumping to conclusions

No one that cushions

All my claims

All my aims

To the one I love

To the one a approve

Let him in my life

To stir right with a knife

I got a chip of my soul

Dammed knife

Cutting my life

I need to be stung

With a gun

So no pain is about

To overcome my pain

A lot to restrain

No one to explain

This deep pain

My love can not contain

My love, the light of my life

My love, the solution to my pain

Please don’t delay

So much insensitivity

No one deserves this insanity

Please love

This bargain

Easy for both to gain

Let’s get rid of the pain

Let’s get old times to gain

Our love back to regain

Only love and cherish each other

Lots to regain

No more time to explain

My love please

Let’s get rid of the pain

Useless just regain

Be my love back again

None of us want to refrain

Please maintain

Your love, my love

Become one back again

Let’s heal this wounded love

We both wanted to disapprove

My love

Please resolve

This pain

None of us want gain

Back in our lives again



🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻

Hello everyone!👋I found writing helped me cope with anxiety and mental health. My stories relate how resilience helps you with overcome life’s obstacles♉️