Suddenly I’m wiser

🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻
2 min readJan 17, 2022

-life experiences make you stronger

At the peak of my age

Suddenly I found myself strange

The stranger

Once I met

Is now to let

All my questions answered

All my feelings pounded

Life lessons

Either hard or soft

They both are to prove

My life’s all in whole to love

Meeting that stranger I fell in love

All my efforts now above

No remorse

Never arose

Life’s like a rose

It’s thorns to prose

And no one close

To support

Momentarily to make you loose

Precious time you just

Found out a must

I’m selfish

And it’s wish

To meet someone

Just one

That could make me

Just one that could trust me

Elevate my feelings

Elevate my hurting

Convert them into learning

That now it’s called experience

Mind though

Being wiser

It’s not being miser

Where all your falls

Where all you do is take them all

Pull a number

Find it’s match

Missing all I pretend to catch

A reasonable

Just St amendable

Thought to make me able

To continue living

And never ever look back

In hindsight


Hormones tell me at this moment

Shameless at the moment

What a silent torment!


I’m learning to find not so charismatic

No person to just automatic

Feel my thoughts

Follow my instincts

Blinded by my estimate

Yeah my mate

Just encounter

Above the counter

No love

To prove

No love to improve

Wiser now

No reason to run and mow

The greener grass

That we both saw grow pass

Yes we know

It’s greener on the other side

Just to abide

Need someone to come to aide

My thoughts are now on the side

I’m wiser Not older

There’s no age to render

And take it all as a reminder

I’m stubborn

I was told when I was born

No choice

But be cold as ice

And slippery

But wise

I must reprise

This note that just arise

To my surprise

I’m noticed

Suddenly I’m wiser

Unfortunately now I’m older

Fortunately now I’m wiser



🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻

Hello everyone!👋I found writing helped me cope with anxiety and mental health. My stories relate how resilience helps you with overcome life’s obstacles♉️