Music: the best medicine

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3 min readFeb 23, 2022

George and Ada’s story: no music, no life

Music heals, unite people, changes people, makes people happy. It fulfills dreams, it gives you peace.

Gloomy day today. Great day for some uplifting songs. I turn on the tv, habit I adopted to keep myself company. You can guess my electricity and streaming bills are high. Meh. For anyone who’s feeling alone, this is a great therapy.

Laying in my bed, headphones on; I feel my world changes, I feel submerged in my own world. I’m the queen of the queens, I can be who the heck I wanna be.

A notification popped up in my iPhone- new YouTube video posted from ‘Boy George Presents’. Cool I think, let’s take a look.

So I selected the link to open up the music video.


Oh yes I know

Music is the best medicine

Touches your soul

Music is the best medicine

Melting my ears

Forcing my tears

It’s good for you

It’s good for peace

It’s good for me

It’s good for you

It’s god for I don’t wanna feel this way no more …


….You know the rest of the lyrics.

If u don’t- Shane on you!

It has a very catchy rhythm and lyrics.

This is the new song I will download on my player when it gets released!

Ok, I’m out of the subject. Again.

Music has a way of hitting you according to what and how you feel on a specific day or time of the day.

From the time I thanked George until now and every day, I’m thankful for having listened to his songs. Never knew how far my message was going to go great length into our lives. Perchance; 1,000 to 1 George would read or pay attention to my message.

Imaginable; yes. I’m just a normal person. A fan. Not the ideal everyone reads on the news.

Not famous.

Not a songwriter.

Not an icon.

I loved the thrill thinking George would at least take a peek- at my message.

No I’m silly

No I’m stupid

Stop it Ada.



Hold it

Ada – please get ur composure again.

Damm it

Now I totally got absorbed by the world that runs around this song.

I still have flashbacks of my past life at the hospital, my recovery, my return to social life. Literally disable, the outcome was not going to be nice.

You will see my stories have some mistakes. My apologies for that.

If we two eyes we make mistakes; just imagine what only one eye is capable of doing and keep you making mistakes.

I’m lucky my DL is still clear. But I decided not to drive again.

I’m pretty much aware many people out there still drive with only one eye vision. I would do it in case of an emergency. Sometimes I see better than my husband.

Just kidding.

My obsession to keep myself up to date, educated somehow, makes my anxiety increase.

I’m in deep trouble.

George – where are you when I need you the most?

I know he is on tour now.

Pandemia restrictions are being lifted; great for everyone. We all need to go back to our normal.

Myself; I don’t know.

I’m still a prisoner of my house.

I wish I can use the gift I was given to entertain my audience.@

You are my motivation for continuing writing stories.

Your interest on them and likes are my motivation.

Please continue doing that.

Thanks very much! ❤️



🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻

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