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4 min readOct 14, 2021


Might’ve been gone with the wind,

But still lingers in my heart

The wind just started to pick up, inviting little dust devils to dance, exciting the tree leaves and embracing them in a deadly hug, lifting them high up and letting them go down, dropping them to the ground, lifeless.

That would’ve made the leaves stand up again and push itself up again to reach the top, without any anticipation. Then the leaves finally fell to the ground.

Again no life. Flat on the ground.

Where no hope lives.

Reminiscent of the last time both George and Ada were together, their last message and the last time their lives crossed paths again; the same thoughts of uncertainty and being lost in the thoughts of being together, seeing her bright dark brown eyes, her blissful face, and her coffee sultry lips that when touched by my

French kisses, welcomed the internal fire inside me to be absorbed by her primal electricity. That time when they got together at a walk at a park.

That sunny warm day where Ada guided George to a separate road that led to a semi secluded area where Ada knew it was perfect for both to become one once again.

It was magical, and the moment that led to it was intense. So intense that the moment that both climax, the whole world stopped to enjoy that burst of love just two human beings. savoured to ecstasy.

That moment resonates not only on Ada’s mind. It did the same, like a carbon copy on George’s mind. Those strong and vivid images that only a man driven by the flame of a deceived and agonizing heart once was dead, uneventful, absolutely dull, carrying a wound no one perceived the scars and pain only it’s owner can see.

Yeah, George’s dying inside.

George crying to sleep every night. Who knows what George is feeling inside.

Maybe Ada’s feelings are the same?

George’s feelings are harder to contain. The harder they got. The more puzzled George’s heart became. Will Ada’s be his forever love? Ada’s images of the last time they got together at the park, relived the once dying love, ever to last.

Yeah, George’s love was again playing a tougher game on him?

Ada’s only lingering thought was; at least to have met him again to explain him the love that made the flame inside her to bring a hopeless woman to life.

A moment that not only a kiss could remedy a so many times broken heart.

A moment where a knight protected her defeated heart.

A moment where the heat contained in their bodies can only be released one way.

Amazing how much two hearts and souls can love so much each other no matter how far they are, and how magically everything around them changes when the two; in an synchronized and embraced fusion of energy, release their tensions, their fears and sadness in a solitude only awaken by the subtle expressions and feelings only a true and honest and pure love making can bring.

As a result, like a super nova explosion, a burst of heat and light; emanating from the core; the fusion of two hearts into one, the climax and sweat, the moaning and ecstasy that only perfectly understood human beings matched at the end of their play, the resolution both pushed down the list to make it last, finally claim their bodies, and a sight of uncontrollable pleasure takes over, dominating every type of possible and impossible way of expressing love to one another.

At this point; loving tender kisses and caressing can only tame the inside beast only George and Ada contained inside.

Two human beings that found their own way to heaven.

They both saw it, touched it, savour it. They both with no remorse, decided to cross boundaries to a new dimension not many make it through

I’m even envy now.

𝙸’𝚖 𝚎𝚟𝚎𝚗 𝚏𝚎𝚎𝚕 𝚎𝚗𝚟𝚢 𝚗𝚘𝚠.

George’s internal plead to find a woman to help him felt like completed was finally answered.

His natural instinct convinced him that the woman he’s been looking for, had finally replenish him in every single aspect.

The distance between them was increasing as well as the so little time they had when they became one.

‘Love does not hurt.

If love hurts,

What the heck are these feelings driving me crazy?’

George’s mind started to accept the bitter taste if uncertainty….

Ada’s heart on the contrary, never lost faith. After that brief encounter, her needing to see George again turned into a necessity.

George was on every thought.

George was on every she turned around.

A unexpected chain of events brought them back together.

Without knowing about it, fate brought them together.

How will both react?



🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻

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