Soledad Insomni – My NEW GIRLFRIEND

We met one day, during one long working night. She joined me during a chaotic day at work.

Surprisingly, she got the Night Shift not many were willing to take.

Her bright mysterious black eyes caught me, an instant curiosity to read her mind and learn from her thoughts, I found myself addicted to her perfume.

The next day I looked forward to see her. She didn’t come to work. I felt disappointed. Perhaps she didn’t like working with me last night.

That Night Shift was slow, boring and my patience; many times was put to a test. The end of my shift was nowhere closed to be finished. Somewhere after 2am, the phone lines seemed to take a break. A total silence invaded the room.

Being closed to the end of my shift, I started to gather my stuff.

On my way home, I couldn’t stop thinking of the girl I met.

I just had a long, exhausting night, not much action, but lots of issues to be solved, customers complaints , office reports to be finalized.

Once I got home, a total silence reigned. A cold breeze came brushing me when I opened the door to come inside the house.

All I wanted at that time was to take a shower, lie down, close my eyes and feel the warming of the sun just at sunrise shining through my window blinds. The warm shower, great relaxing tool, aided me to fall asleep. It did indeed.

Somewhere after 2am, I sensed something was wrong, like someone was watching me.

Staring at me.

I was so tired.

I did not wanted to open my eyes.

I thought I have fallen asleep.

I remembered taking a warm shower. The warm mist fogged the sliding doors of my shower. The vanity mirror as wet with the accumulation of mist, not allowing me to see the reflection of myself laying in bed.

A very nice floral smell invaded the room. It was dark. I’m the only one in the apartment . No one else lives with me.

It smelled like sweet lavender, that made myself relax even more. I thought it all was in my head, my thoughts.

Nah – I said, it’s Al in my head.

Somewhere after 3am, a weird feeling invaded my thoughts. I didn’t feel scared, nor intrigued, just wanted to forget last Night Shift and think about that girl I’ve met on the Night Shift.

I mumbled her name – Soledad, her dark long straight hair, had a tinge of blue because of the dark black it was.

I felt my right side of the bed kinda sank, like when someone sits on the bed side edge. Next thing I feel is a hand just moving in between my tights up, my inner side towards my cock. The hands felt warm and soft.

Those hands run up to my cock, and the friction made my cock twitch. The feeling was intensely satisfying, that provoked an erection on me.

It feels good. – I thought to myself.

Oh Soledad, that’s fucking great! Keep doing it…

Oh yes I can smell your essence, your loving sweet lavender smell, oh gosh, you are fucking great. Keep doing it. -I murmured.

I felt her sitting on top of me.

I opened my eyes and I saw a beautiful skinny well formed body, her breasts well soft rounded, nipples erected, a chocolaty dark brown aureole made the nipples stand against her light coloured soft skin. She moved in a back and forth movement initiating a friction, a sensation I never felt before, it made myself an increasing necessity of being inside her, no matter what.

Her bark brown eyes where pleading me to fuck her without mercy, no remorse, just wild, not stopping.

That thought make my cock get so stiff, it almost hurt.

Yes daddy, fuck me harder

Yes daddy, fuck me faster

The voice said.

I just followed.

Soledad asked,

Soledad demanded

Soledad moaned out of pleasure

Seeing her breasts moving as I fucked her turned me on

And wanting her more. Addictive.

It just drove me crazy

I wanted more

Soledad wanted more

I gave her more

And more

I did not want sunrise to happen.

I became jealous of the sun taking away my pleasure and Soledad away.

I closed my eyes to keep and experience to my own thoughts and my soul, but something made snap out of it.

I opened my eyes, the sunshine so bright, it almost blinded me.

It was time to get ready to face the challenges the new day dawning brings.

Got a phone call to replace a new co-worker. I noticed there was like a weird tense environment in the office, everyone kept uncomfortably quiet. I did not mind. All I wanted was to finish the shift I was called to cover and go home.

I even forgot the dream I had.

Well the day came to an end. I picked up after my shift and headed to the main entrance. There in the community bulletin board was a big note dedicated to a person that used to work with us, in a different area.

It was an obituary for a very loved woman part of the afternoon shift.

I continued reading. The company congratulated this coworker for the years she work and the contribution and impact her personally caused to many friends and co-workers. It was very sad to loose her. A great life for ever gone. It also revealed the cause of the accident.

And her passing.

She died in a horrible car accident on her way back home. Two days ago. No family or next of kin to be reported.

She lived alone.

She died alone.

Perhaps she didn’t even realized she died.

She died so quick, she didn’t even have time to react.

The accident report said she got t-boned at the intersection close to her house. It did snow heavily that day. She died instantly as a result of impact.

The car she was driving lost control when approached the intersection. She tried to gain control of the car already skidding off when drove over black ice. A big hauler taking the turn, noticing her car was skidding off stopped, but it was too late. The car came to a stop under the carriage of the 2nd trailer, rippling off the roof of the car.

Paramedics tried to revive her when arrived to the accident area, but unfortunately she succumbed to her injuries.

The first responders gave her first aid, once extricated from the car, was taken to the hospital. She was dead already at arrival at the hospital.

At the end there was a little note:

Soledad will be greatly missed.

She died that night she came to visit me.



🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻

Hello everyone!👋I found writing helped me cope with anxiety and mental health. My stories relate how resilience helps you with overcome life’s obstacles♉️