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4 min readSep 30, 2021


Look – it’s hidden in plain sight

Needed to have some type of distraction to keep my mind out of the everyday madness. The latest lockdown was not well received. Contradicting information made many people feel irritated, way too long and no way of socializing at all. I turned on the tv. Flipped thru some channels. Every thing felt dull. No life. My favourite robin was not even singing his favorite melody. Maybe mating season was over. Spring was late, so as Summer.

My neighbours next door seemed to have been working with some wood. Even the sound he made walking ti the back of his backyard wasn’t the same. It sounded slow and boring. He used to whistle. Not this time.

I grabbed my coffee and took a sip. I could see the reflection of the fluffy clouds passing by as I moved the cup close to my mouth. I noticed the swirling sensual moves of the vapor released from the surface of my coffee. That fogged my glasses.

Oh crap- my door bell rang.

Maybe a delivery?

Maybe my next door neighbour?

I went to open the door. A delivery of a box, rectangular in shape. I looked at the shipping label and documentation showing on the top securely taped. Let’s see, taking the folded, dusty and worn documentation. Must be coming from far, I thought.

It didn’t have who the sender was.

This rectangular box was not too wide. Although the documentation showed signs of being manipulated, the box was intact.

I look for the delivery guy. But he already disappeared.

I placed the box on the dinning table, close to where I keep my collection of wild orchids. It took me a couple of months snd many frustrations to keep them alive. It seems they hated the house. After 4 failed attempts, at different windows through the hose, they decided to thrive at the dining room window. The orchids enjoyed the warm sun before midday and the cool of the night.

My favourite place to sit down, relax sipping my coffee, read a book or just enjoy the visit of my spring visitors.

I should try to install some hummingbird feeders, I love them. The wisterias and the grape vines should be an exciting invitation and show stopper for travellers by. I could see some bumblebees flying on top of the grapes. They are super curious, sometimes seeing them hitting the window, mislead by the reflection on the window. Maybe they want me to come out.

I grabbed a mall plate with some fresh grapes cut in halves and some fresh cool water. I brought the package to be opened snd put it on top of the table. Some bumblebees came by to check what the mysterious box was. Some times they bumped into my back, perhaps spooked by the hummingbirds.

It felt like they were thanking me for the hospitality given to a stranger.

This box was still grab it my attention. I could not find who the sender was.

The address and name was correct.

Ok I thought- will look for more info once I open the box.

Inside was some parking material. Something like little pockets of air to prevent it from unexpected hits or drops.

I took out the second box.

It was securely tapped top and bottom. ‘Fragile’ and ‘handle with care’ warnings all over.

I grabbed a cutting tool to break the seal. I lifted the top cover and found an envelope addressed to me. A little handwritten note.

‘We have been trying to keep in touch so often that texting and sending emails were not sufficient anymore. Needed to see you, hear you. Due to security protocols I can’t establish a more regular and often communication. My busy eclectic world makes it hard to be afforded by just lovely letters or fancy texts. It would be nice to see you but it seems that almost impossible. We tried many times but either my busy schedule or your busy schedules were always the one to blame. I needed to see you in real time. Perhaps that would remédiate our problem. I’m concerned about loosing contact. I’m concerned not knowing more about you. I could’ve come to see you but busy schedules kept us away from getting closer. As we discussed before, it was impossible to get together. Maybe FaceTime would ease on the needs.

Security protocols didn’t allowed him to have a live communications, due to privacy concerns. Important information was once compromised before and lots of important sensitive files got hacked. This can happen to anyone. Unfortunately to him.

I mentioned to him the company I worked for had their communication devices tracked snd monitored in case of a breach to delete the contents once suspicious activities are detected and for these devices to be found if lost. I had to sign a waiver and hole shot of documentation. Company’s protocols. Fair enough.

The package I received had a Mac for easy carry. It was as light as a feather.

Inside instructions how to connect.

I felt like I was part of the Mission Impossible team; got a package with instructions to complete the mission.

Yes. Exciting!



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