I wonder I was the reason of your smile

🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻
2 min readOct 25, 2023


For a busy man, I knew he was, a photograph caught my attention; himself, caught a glimpse of his routine days, holding his phone and chatting away, minding his own business, his life away.

In simple words, his smile; perhaps the successful close of a business, perhaps serenading his woman. His eyes, bright and full of life, enjoyment only a successful man proudly shows. His confidence, already at the pinnacle of his career, couldn’t hide his potential.

I felt envy, but at the same time happy for him. He deserved it.

My teacher, literally, my advice, knew how to tame me, controlling me was out of the question. No way to put him to that kind of game. His ways were not needed to be discussed nor challenged, his humbleness was enough, nevertheless. His guidance, shaped my way of writing, my imaginary word that started to take shape, in a world of miss conceptions and misunderstandings, and kept in shape my outbursts of outlawing rules my subconscious mind would decide to run away without despair. I felt envy.

Once my demeanour stood on solid grounds and took off with confidence, my well being got stronger, and confidence made me stronger. My purpose in life took shape, my muse, unknowingly transformed into the reason of his smile. I wondered why nights were so long wait until I got to see him again. Even my writings started to run around his world, his life, wondering one day I could a part of his life. My written pieces started to celebrate our love no one could approve, a forbidden love….

I wish I was the reason of his smile. Perhaps a moment of insanity? Perhaps a moment of weakness, or perhaps a knotty, mischievous thought?

A penny for your thoughts darling!

If I may say, just to start this loving play,….

Butterflies in my stomach, gosh this must be real… But again, the day came to an end, time I did not want to spend, time wasted I did not wanted to lend.

Photographs captured a glimpse of your soul, your thoughts, a moment kept in my heart snd in my soul, to cherish for ever and never to stay alone without not getting any deeper in my hopes and in my soul.

A silent love, a shy short worded hope that I will never know.

Distance can make it harder to fulfill, but at will, can make it happen.

Photographs do catch a moment of your life, suspended in a period of time.

Perhaps one day to come true…

Again, to say, at that moment it was taken, that I was the reason of your smile.



🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻

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