First date? – Decided to go Dutch.

How things have changed lately….

There’s no formal age for going back to school. Although nowadays age is irrelevant, the fact that you will draw all the looks from the younger generations, it will also be really interesting to show the younger that learning it only stops when you die. That’s my mojo. And I will continue saying that. The latest pandemic has brought online training more affordable, but the lack on human interaction, the eye contact and the hand shake or the quick stolen hug is far way far from happening. It was like when back in the day you kiss your favourite girl and you instantly flushed, either or at least one would think that that person was crazy or you were a clear candidate for the hardest flat slap on the face. If respond des right away with another one, good sign this relationship will continue. Yes- I got you! Then the start of the courtship as it is called, takes off. Yep.

I was brought up that way. The old style way. I wanted ti be right. Seeing so many couples broke up and ruining that interesting way of play, they both fascinated and scared me. It could’ve been taken as a turn off, a no-no. Who cares? I’m still young. Is not the end of the world.

A good example of ‘the world is so small’ can be applied when going to school- WHAT? I’m talking about adult education courses. HOLD IT.


The only person I met at that class spoke only Chinese. Maybe the way I looked like madd hard think I was Chinese too. White the ‘little’ English we spoke, my friend figured out I was alone. Just landed, had nobody but just her. She goes, ‘no problem my friend! Here, there’s a guy that speaks Spanish. Come to say hi to him. He was hesitant. My new Chinese friend looked like twins, but there was a twist for this story- the other twin spoke Spanish. Yay! I have

a new friend! And spoke the same language! Yay! No more feeling homesickness!

Of what came during the next couple of days, my new friend had that look on his face: I don’t trust you, you’re making fun of me. You look Chinese’. Break time came and my new Spanish speaker friend came to introduce himself – ‘Hola! Cómo estás? Yo me llamo Toby, es break time, se te apetece un café?

Ok – I said.

Then he asked – u live close by?

Then – I’ll give you a ride…..

One day he caught up to me on a rainy day, he pulled to the side of the road and honking to call my attention. Hey is raining- I’ll give you a ride. Do you live close by?

Of course I was soaking wet. I said yes. And thanked him when dropped me off at the entrance of the building. The ‘short rides’ home became more often. One day he offered me to go to the shopping mall close by. They have a huge food court. We get some Coffee and chat before I go to work.

Remembering what I have learned at school, I said ‘Let’s go Dutch’! I wanted to pay for my coffee. U know, this was a ‘no strings attached’ outing. From there, the invitations were more often, from having just coffee to having lunch. Of course he had to go to work after. He got the night shift, so it was convenient for him to study before going to work. Of course when I mentioned ‘Going Dutch’ made him upset, now he laughs about it.

After many outings to have lunch, he preferred to have it with me before going to his work, I continued with some other classes. I needed to improve my speaking and pronunciation. A couple of years later, the BIG question popped up, accompanied by a shining ring, followed by an affirmation acknowledgement and a big kiss and hug. We got married two years after because of my Dad’s passing. They both had an incredible friendship. He still remembers when I introduced him to my Mom and Dad. I just wanted to make sure they knew who I was going out with.

Then one day I had to go for a big test at school, I’ve learned my Dad invited him to go for a ride Chinatown. They both enjoyed it!. My Dad mentioned to him what I did on weekends, so one day he gave us a ride, Mom, Dad and me to go shopping. We continued going out and one day after 2 years, after my Dad’s passing, we got married and happily had a great boy, as lovable as his Dad.

Looking back to that time, where we met and how everything started, it brings a huge smile and laughter fills up our hearts. Happiness brings those nice memories, when we used to sit down at at table. When we sat at a table.

We still go to the same shopping mall, but a couple of coffees and reminiscing the time we sat down at the table for a meal.

After reading this story you can’t say ‘school is boring’ – we found love.

Two characters sitting down for a meal.



🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻

Hello everyone!👋I found writing helped me cope with anxiety and mental health. My stories relate how resilience helps you with overcome life’s obstacles♉️