Cold Heart

My shield, my strength

Miles away

A connection was needed

A piece in the puzzle

To secure this dog muzzle

Strong as a pit bull

Only hate his heart made him null

No hope to save him

No love to appreciate him

Dawning the new day

He hoped to stay

Tears of joy

Like a kid full of joy

A moment where he lowered his guard

All he is lost including his award

Once with sweat and tears

Never caught by his ears

In the air

Everyone felt in despair

Not a twin soul to pair

His love, his mate vanished in plain air

No Hope

To cope

Love felt himself so far away

He needed someone to pave the way

Days dawned

Days he felt himself drained

Strength flew away

Hopes never to come his way


Tonite his heart to turn into a stone

Cold hopeless

His love feels worthless

Wishing good

Hoping always is his great tool

Nock on wood

And never put away great mood

This man’s heart never to give up

He really cheers everyone up

His songs

His lyrics

Saves many

Without touching any penny

He is magical

He is practical

But at the same time

Feelings just sublime

A character everyone’s love

A character everyone’s move


A real chameleon

And fierce as a lion

Never fears

Never tears

He speaks for many

Never leaves behind any

He’s your best ally

Not easy to beat professionally

The moment I met him

The moment I saw him

I knew my life for ever to change

And nothing to affect

His eyes I looked at

I felt my self attracted

His eyes to my effect

His demeanour just affected

My heart to forever change

A love will never age

I feel I’m a cage

Useless my love

I need to move

Joining our lines

To never age

My wish

My hope

Don’t pull the rope

We need to cope

For ever love

For staying as one

And never move



🍁Chacha Jaramillo✏️✍🏻

Hello everyone!👋I found writing helped me cope with anxiety and mental health. My stories relate how resilience helps you with overcome life’s obstacles♉️