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Evanore was sitting at her long rectangular table, enjoying the fruit of her last years harvest. Her long wavy burn light brown sugar reflected the sun rays dining through the foggy windows.

Her big hazel eyes reflecting the flickering candles, created an inviting sad intriguing atmosphere.

Her beloved peregrine – SAVER at her side, always devoted to protect her from everyone, every type of trouble that may appear or trouble her master Evanore.

When Ada and Cree arrived to Kilmore, the sunset created an eerie creepy atmosphere in this small town. Death silence invaded the air. Not even the crows would dare to make noise at sunset.

Even the crows sat up and waited in total silence.

As soon as The Firefly docked, the famous party of 3 walked through a suspension bridge where fresh lava ran from a nearby volcano.

Aria, Ada and Cree carefully walked along the suspension bridge to the main entrance of Evanora’s castle. Saver hovering above at the distance, keeping an eye close above the new visitors.

Once inside, they noticed a beautiful floral garden where an abundance of butterflies and exotic birds lived.

It was obvious Evanore’s garden was a paradise out of its world.

Albino peacocks we’re the highlight of its fabulous paradise; where many birds in extinction felt secured, not to be ever mistreated but protected

A white tall unicorn galloping from the hill, quickly approached the new visitors and showed the the way to the inside of the castle.

Evanore was patiently waiting for the new visitors. When the party of three got closer to the table, Evanore invited them to sit at the table. Once they sat, Saver came flying and rested on Evanore’s high chair. Saver lowered its head to allow Evanore’s put Saver’s leather helmet on to calm him down.

‘Welcome to Avalon’, Evanore said raising her glass of red wine.

Come and join me my beloved visitors!

-her welcoming voice made everyone happy and her contagious smile made everyone’s feel at home.

My beloved visitors; please come and join me for dinner! – she happily said.

You guys stopped by at the right time!

-great timing!

Evanore said raising her glass of red wine.

The sun shining through the window made her glass of wine shine even brighter.

Ada, Cree and Aria proceeded to join Evanore and sat at the table. She clapped and more servants came with more food and wine. Soon enough a feast was quickly presented and set at the table. A servant brought more wine and served in front of each visitor, waiting to be savored and given the ok to continue filling up the glass when low of wine.

Soon the conversation became interesting subject, as well as the wine,

Sweet juicy peaches complimented the wine as well as some grapes and old cheese rounds gracefully paired with the wine made their way into the visitors hungry stomachs.

Ada feeling sleepy and tired excused herself, as well as Aria.

A servant came to show them their respective rooms. Just for the night, r pressed Ada. We need to continue our way to Kilmore.

The friendly, sincere welcoming gesture from Evanore didn’t raise any suspicion nor any alarm to be suspicious of.

Cree stayed behind. He didn’t finished his wine. Evanore continued directing her crew for next days duties.

It was late. Cree noticed through the window balcony the full rounded bright moon. He went to enjoy the view and the beauty the moon was just being presented to him at that moment.

Evanore disappeared after following her cooking crew. Needed to check tomorrow’s menu.

It was a quiet night.

All Cree could hear was a lonely owl.

Perhaps serenading the lonely moon.

He just leaned against the railing of the balcony when he spotted a white figure getting into the quiet peaceful lake. A white figure, slowly entering the lake.

Cree spotted the white figure, wearing a see-through long dress. The dress delicately made Cree more curious as this white figure entered the peaceful lake.

He climbed down from the balcony using the old vine just growing underneath the balcony. Once done he looked up just to check if someone followed him. The peaceful lake was still quite a distance. Still some strong wide trees, a little barn, found his way next to the area that called his attention. There was a little improvised deck where some boats were anchored to prevent them from sailing off to the river that takes you to open sea.

That’s when a sound of something being thrown into the water puzzled him more.

That’s when he spotted the white figure from his balcony.

A perfect well formed body, accentuated by the soft silky material, made her breasts look perfect for Cree. Her nipples erected by the cold water in the lake started to excite Cree. He could see her crotch and cheeky firm ass where the water tuning down from her long blond hair just embraced and danced as she moved in the calm waters of the lake. She took a dive down making her long hair spread like a circle.

She swam towards the shallow part of the lake. Once there, Evanore took a last dip and came out towards the little tent shielded by some small grapevines.

Her round ass and gorgeous pussy made Cree savour his mouth, that instantly made his mouth water.

Evanore took another dip and disappeared. Cree started to worry because Evanore took sometime to come up to the surface.

Cree; without hesitation, dived into the water, thinking she was in trouble.er

When he saw her, swam close to her to assist her. He caught up with her as both reached the surface to get some fresh air.

There was a moment of hesitation for both when they came out to catch more fresh air in their lungs.

Evanore blue eyes were boldly accentuated by her long straight hair being hold against her breasts. Cree grasped as he got closer to her. They both got closer as they moved around in a circle motion, like two snakes ready to charge at any moment. Cree painted her moving his body closer to Evanore.

A moment of hesitation that made both regret it. As she got closer, Cree grabbed her by her asscheek, pushing her crotch against his groin.

That caused some disturbance in the water, like fish jumping in the lake. Cree’s manhood manifested in full, to what Evanore responded getting closer to his torso. Evanore opened her legs around him, convincing Cree to hold her to be carried to the tent.

Once there, Cree hold her again, and softly kissed her plumped red lips, so sweet red lips that Cree could not stop kissing. Instead, excited him more.

She drove his cock home. She moaned as Cree pushed himself in.

His thrusting was steady, as his hunger for seeing her come was complimented by Evanore’s moaning. They both cumm instantly.

A soft kiss sealed their mischievous night mischief.

A full moon and the lonely owl were witness.



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