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A bonding explanation: Ada’s and Cree story


It has been busy late for Ada and Cree to get together. Many businesses and venues slowly coming to life; and for Ada and Cree, the more possibilities for both of them to get together.

Ada’s new contracts involved more travelling than before.

Cree’s new album and music; as well as more concerts to promote his music increased.

Hoping they could see each other was going to be a huge task, winning a contract was more feasible than getting together.

They both needed a breather.

They both needed to release tensions.

But they had a plan.

Cree has rented a flat where he used on spare times. He has only two entry keys. The second key was sent to Ada’s office with a date when Cree supposedly booked for his holidays. He wondered if Ada’s received his envelope. He didn’t receive any answer from her. Busy schedule as well. Ada knew of his secret place because they spoke about it the last time they were together. But after, nothing indicated a confirmation from Ada to fulfil his plans.

Ada on her busy schedule, mentioned it but nothing to confirm it about.

Uncertainty; the worst enemy of a broken heart dominated again, Cree’s thoughts.

The night that both met; at a friend’s 50th birthday party, Ada never thought that when approached the bar to order a beer, was to cross path with Cree, the lead singer of the group. That night they both together took a walk through the busy, bursting of life, never ending streets of the city.

That night where both let their instincts ran wild, where only the trees and the old building abandoned found a quick improvised welcoming home for two strangers just stoping by on their long way to a world of excitement and exploration of the senses. It was quick, not planned, just a release of energy contained and comprised by a unseen field of insecurity and foolishness obtained from previous ratings. Disappointing findings and unsecured trusting issues made their decisions a hard way to trust and love again.

But that night; when Ada guided Cree to a abandoned area of the park and both sealed an everlasting eternal love, never thought; that by minimum gesture could ignite that primal energy that bonded the two human beings into one entity, one soul, one heart, one life.

When the climax claimed both bodies, they both became addicted to their love, and the necessity of craving for more also increased. The insaciable desire to become one invaded their mind and body; a sensation only they both new how to achieve and mutually enjoy.

A moment where everything around disappears and it’s only the two of them and nothing else. Two loves, two hearts, two bodies, carrying each other, not minding anything else. That night where two hearts bonded together in a union that ignited so much love and warmth that impregnated the air around and gave birth to a new chapter in their lives, that night Cree accompanied Ada to her apartment where they continued bonding on their new just bonded new love affair.

That night both wanted to start fresh. To better enjoy themselves Cree needed to get rid of that pub-cigarette-beer smell, so he asked Ada if didn’t mind to used the shower while Ada prepared some coffee.

Ada replied: fine. Just let me start the coffee maker, with fresh brewed coffee.

And fresh bodies.

Ada went to the bathroom where Cree was just takings a shower

Ada went in with the coffee just brewed. The aroma of freshly brew coffee intermingled with the smell of a freshly relaxed smell of a man ready to receive madly deep love.

Pheromones acting up.


Ada stood there just to watch him how he showered, paying attention to his body shape reflected on the shower door. His muscles, his chest, his arms, his cock, his butt.

Ada started to get horny and excited.

Ada needed to feel, taste and enjoy Cree.

Ada couldn’t resist but to join Cree in the shower.

Ada got in the shower, while Cree was still showering and hugging him, kissed his back. Running her fingers chest down to his cock, and massage them. Cree turned around to present his fully erected cock to her. They both French kissed as she moved her torso closer to his. Her crotch got closer to embrace his manhood and direct it home. The desire to become one again made Ada couple Crees thrusting. Ada’s leg wrapped around Crees waist for better grip.

Ada and Cree’s eyes locked into each other, each wanted to see and feel and enjoy the moment they both were to climax.

Ada’s body started to shake.

She was about to cumm.

So as Cree.

After they both reached climax, they continue caressing and kissing.

Went back to the bedroom to relax and talk about nonsense.

Continue making love whenever they could. Lots to catch up.

It was an incredible night where both shared and enjoyed their new found love.

They both discovered new ways, new places, new doings only two hearts involved into truly, madly, deeply, pure love could get and create for two human beings.

A moment of vulnerability.

Each both exposed their heart to feelings and thoughts they have never experienced before; and carefully crafted a love making that only they could imagine and feel. Each move, each touch, each lick and sucking, biting and spanking, each hug fed their insatiable feelings for love and making; making love the only way they knew.

They didn’t stopped until they both fell asleep.

Cree woke up early. Noticed Ada sound asleep. He carefully put his clothes on and left. He quickly wrote a note where he thanked Ada about meeting her and the amazing night he had.

And Cree left.

On her pillow bed, besides a deeply fallen tired sleeping beauty, Cree left a note inside a white envelope addressed to: ‘LOVE’.

Inside a letter and something else.

A red clover and deep rose on top of the envelope hold the envelope from falling off the pillow.

I wonder what that note said.



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